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  • Sep 01, 2016 · I’ve implemented your column hide macro on a spreadsheet that deals with data that has a month header row and a year header row. I’ve been able to get the month filter to work, but I am not able to get the year filter to work and I don’t understand why as the ranges are set up the same and the pivot tables are set up the same.
  • Jan 23, 2017 · In Tableau, Filters are used to filter the data displayed in the view section. Filters can be of displayed in different ways, such as; Multiple values drop down, Multiple value list, Single Value list and so on. Knowing how to remove the all options in the filter in Tableau is important to view specific data.
  • Sep 01, 2016 · I’ve implemented your column hide macro on a spreadsheet that deals with data that has a month header row and a year header row. I’ve been able to get the month filter to work, but I am not able to get the year filter to work and I don’t understand why as the ranges are set up the same and the pivot tables are set up the same.
  • Jan 22, 2019 · Remember, you can implement these as true Tableau filters, or build them into the Email / SMS Action field calculation. In the VizAlerts data source in the VizAlertsDemo.twb workbook, there are several relative date filter calculations pre-built for you, so don't feel you need to re-invent the wheel! I’m getting my Alerts late.
  • Mar 24, 2013 · Creating Table Calculations on Values outside of the Filter Range in Tableau Today, we will talk about creating table calculations for values that are being filtered out of your view in Tableau. A common scenario for this is as follows: "I want to see this month's sales as well as a 12-month rolling average for last year."
  • Jan 09, 2020 · Changing the width/height of the column/row also seems to affect other's sheet view while working on the file at the same time. So things that need improvement that are currently affecting others are: 1. Hide/Unhide the rows/columns 2. Group/Ungroup the rows/columns 3. Change the widths/heights of the rows/columns
  • They wanted to hide duplicate values in a column. Of course, my initial response was to filter the data, but that wouldn't work. They didn't want to filter out any rows.
  • The first principle is Tableau extract is a columnar store. The columnar databases store column values rather than row values. The benefit is that the input/output time required to access/aggregate the values in a column is significantly reduced. That is why Tableau extract is great for data analytics.
  • Feb 19, 2016 · If the answer is yes, consider what other views of the data might help you filter down just to the rows you need to see. Setting Actions to Exclude when nothing is selected. The ideal workflow in Tableau, both from a performance and a visual analysis perspective, is useful visualizations that filter via Dashboard Actions that act on click / select.
  • Apr 02, 2014 · As well as hiding the bar, you probably want to hide the text as well. Select the row and format the text white. This does, of course, leave an apparent gap in the list, and if you want this to go away you will need to use a flag field and filter for yes/no as others suggest.
  • Creating an include or exclude filter is standard Tableau functionality. In this step, we will create an include filter. On the report where you want to add a filter, simply drag the field into the filters card. The filter can be multi-select or single select. Under filters, right-click your field and select 'Show quick filter'.
  • You can selectively hide or show fields in the Data window. To hide a field, right-click the field and select Hide. When you want to change your fields from hidden to visible, select Show Hidden Fields on the Data window menu. The hidden fields are shown in gray in the Data window.
  • <span style="font-family: &quot;verdana&quot; , sans-serif;">This is the first in a planned series where I&nbsp;document my adventures in the exciting world of ...
  • Jan 14, 2013 · These functions send a query to the underlying data source, regardless of what filters have been used in the view, and return the result in a field to be used in Tableau. In this case, we want the sum of all the sales from the Orders tab in the spreadsheet.
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Reincarnated as spider man fanfictionJan 24, 2007 · Now, I suppose I can use a cursor to do this, but this DB has 10s of millions of rows and it's likely to take days, if not weeks to do this using a cursor. I've been Googling around and I see that some kind of Set base approach performs much better than a Cursor based approach. My SQL-fu fails me here. Can you help? FYI, I'm using SQL*Server 2005.
Tableau Q&A - Row-Level Security | InterWorks Our business intelligence consultants are constantly engaged in tackling challenge after challenge. The individual capabilities of each are impressive enough, but what they accomplish together is what makes them such an effective team.
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  • We’re going to use the ISNULL() function to get rid of that first row without filtering the data out of the view. Here’s the overall view: When you add a Quick Table Calculation to a viz, you may have noticed that the name of the pill doesn’t change, and a new field isn’t added to the Measures window.
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  • Row labels are used to apply a filter to one or more rows that have to be shown in the pivot table. For instance if the "Sales person" field is dragged on this area then the other output table constructed will have values from the column "Sales person", i.e. , one will have number of rows equal to the number of "Sales Person".

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How to let users flip between ‘pages’ of crosstab rows in Tableau. By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to show five rows of sub-categories at a time in the Sample – Superstore dataset. Clicking a page number on the control sheet at the bottom of the table takes the user to a different subset of five sub-categories.
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Add this field to the Filter shelf of the viz you want to show and hide. When prompted, choose the "Show" value in the Filter dialog. Change the Default value of your Parameter to "Hide". Your viz "disappears". Add the viz to your dashboard on the opposite side of the Blank object (but still inside the layout container).As I have been preparing the Filters, Filters and More Filters session (part of the Jedi Track) at #TCC12 I came across a neat and very useful trick using filters with table calculations. I will be using our Sample Superstore data to show you this trick.
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Here’s how the view looks when I replace the Customer Name Filter with this newly created Top 3 Filter. As you can see, we’re back to the expected result. What’s great about this is that the first three rows will always be kept, no matter which combination of filters is being used. Related video: Tableau Filters and Order of Operations
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For this example, the Tableau Superstore sample is a good choice. Drag the Sales Measure onto the Rows shelf. Drag the Order Date dimension onto the Columns shelf. Click the down arrow at the right side of the Order Date dimension on the Columns shelf to display the context menu and choose a continuous date option.
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Nov 01, 2020 · Tableau has a built-in labeling feature that lets you view the details of your chart just by hovering the mouse. You can further increase the productivity of your charts by either providing a filter to display only one out of many features or toggling between charts using a drop-down menu. This guide has explained both of these methods.
  • I have a table that is grouped by level with 5-10 fields for the level. Some of the levels do not have values for the fields that we are displaying but the underlying data is used in formulas throughout the table. Therefore, when I filter out the rows, the totals for the table change. How can I h... “Show Last Row” is computing along table across. Right click on “Show Last Row” which is there in filter shelf, go to compute using and select Table Down then it will pop up once again for filter selection. Select “Show”. Click OK button.
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  • Dec 07, 2011 · Basically I need to have a formula in excel that includes auto hide and unhide of rows based on the result value. Attached is my sample exercise for quick reference. In this exercise, I want to hide automatically the rows under "REPORT OUTPUT" that contains "0" ZERO value.
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  • Additional Info: I’m looking for both front end and backend info. I think I’m going to oversee some local Tableau sever instances along with the common chart stuff. I especially can’t seem to find any authoritative documentation of Tableau server… My background is in IT and data science.
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  • You can use the Top X parameter to pick the number of values you want to label. Even if you filter the data, maybe to only show the East Region, the labels will still work properly. But this is Tableau, so let's take it a step farther. Maybe you need to label the top 5 and the bottom 5. There's a neat little way to do this too. 1.<span style="font-family: &quot;verdana&quot; , sans-serif;">This is the first in a planned series where I&nbsp;document my adventures in the exciting world of ...
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  • Earlier in the beta I had a long conversation with Jeff Pettiross at Tableau about using packed bubbles and treemaps in analysis and I think one big issue is that in Tableau we’re used to dragging and dropping pills for which have some prior knowledge of the cardinality, sort order, etc. onto the Rows & Columns shelves.
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